Why You Need a Property Manager Who Fights for Your Rights

Are you prepared for the unexpected challenges that come with property ownership? Beyond mere financial assets, properties demand vigilant oversight and strategic management. This brings us to a critical question: does your Property Manager merely maintain, or do they actively protect your interests when issues arise?

Here’s a real-life scenario that illustrates why having a property manager ready to fight for your rights is not just beneficial—it’s essential.

A promising start takes a troublesome turn

In 2023, a tenant moved into a brand-new property managed by our team. Initially, everything seemed perfect with the first property inspection passing with flying colours. However, the situation took a turn during the second inspection. Unreported by the tenant, a significant water leak had occurred, leading to extensive damage. This was further compounded by visible neglect — marks on the walls, holes in doors, and an array of posters taped everywhere.

From minor issues to major repairs

The tenant rationalised the deterioration by unfairly blaming the property manager for placing her in a brand-new house, despite knowing her child's special needs contributed to the property’s rapid decline. This blame-shifting raised ethical and professional questions about tenant responsibilities and the extent of a property manager’s duties.
Upon the tenant’s vacation, it was clear that the property, less than a year old, required significant repairs. The tenant had made a feeble attempt to fix the damages herself, but the quality was far below professional standards. This led to a heated dispute over the costs of repainting and other repairs, eventually culminating in a tribunal hearing. The tenant argued that a full repaint would cost $4,000, advocating to only forfeit her $2,000 bond.

The Tribunal's involvement

The tribunal initially seemed to lean towards a compromise, not fully grasping the extent of the damages or the situation’s nuances. After an initial ruling that didn’t favour us, Port Property Professionals refused to back down. Persistent, our agent relisted the hearing. Despite the tenant’s absence, We were able to present a well-documented case outlining the full scope of damages and the tenant’s negligence despite their absence.

Why persistent Property Management pays off

Ultimately, the new tribunal decided to favour the landlord, acknowledging the tenant’s responsibility for the substantial damages. This decision reaffirmed the landlord’s rights and highlighted the effectiveness of our thorough advocacy.
This case, which stretched nearly 12 months, illustrates the critical difference between a property manager who merely conveys decisions and one who actively fights for your rights. At Port Property Professionals, we stand resolute in our commitment to our clients, ensuring that your investment is managed and zealously protected.

Get a Property Manager who not just works for you but fights for you.

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Why You Need a Property Manager Who Fights for Your Rights